Caprice Volley Ball

Client:Cafe Caprice

Date:09 April, 2018


Café Caprice combines artisan cocktails, a café-style menu, relaxing lounges and sidewalk seating to experience the epitome of Cape Town’s cosmopolitan social scene. Situated directly across from Camps Bay Beach at 37 Victoria Road, open 7 days a week since 1999, it is a home for many Cape Townians and a must visit destination for tourists. Camps Bay beach is the ultimate sunset viewing spot and Café Caprice provides the perfect backdrop, as DJ’s fill the space with laid back music from Thursday to Sunday with a deep, chilled house soundtrack. Café Caprice – a landmark on the Camps Bay promenade and an indelible part of the Cape Town bar and entertainment scene.

The Brief
Cafe Caprice approached The PROMO Company to assist them in providing them with girls to ensure their players were protected by the sun at their annual Cafe Caprice Volleyball Championships, held in association with Savanna Cider
The Approach
We provided Cafe Caprice with two fun, social and outgoing ladies to walk around the beach courts ensuring every player had protected their skin with sun tan lotion. They even got involved with a some of the teams and played a few games! Our girls not only provided sun tan lotion to all of the players, they also actively joined in the fun and games making the day a huge success!